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Readers Write

Today some comments from readers (two from a public official who follows state activities and two from friends):

  • A resolution calling the UN program encouraging sustainable development as a dark scheme to crush people’s property rights through “extreme environmentalism” goes to the Tennessee House for a vote today.
  • The Missouri legislature has considered legislation to require equal treatment of global warming and evolution denial positions in a K-12 curriculum being created by the Heartland Institute. "[It] will be a nice counterweight to the many, many materials distributed that present an overtly political and alarmist message in regards to climate change. . . ," said James M. Taylor of Heartland. "By contrast, our materials would be based on sound science and fact."  Mark McCaffrey of the National Center for Science Education said the curriculum creates a debate where none exists. A 2010 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that about 98 percent of active climate scientists believe human activities hasten climate change.
  • On yesterday’s blog: A little one sided.  Obama's abandonment of Simpson Bowles, a committee he had set up, is equally as egregious as Mitt’s flip flops, which can be somewhat forgiven considering the audience he has to appeal to. Obama had a chance to set our country on a different path and failed miserably, in my opinion.
  • Asked what surprises him most, the Dalai Lama said, "modern man:" "He works so hard for money and ruins his life in the process, then he uses the money he worked for to try to recover his life without getting it back where it was. Then he spends all his present preparing for the future and in the process dies without living in the future while he never lived in the present either.”

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