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The White Ladies

Since when is a joke like the one Robert De Niro told at an Obama fundraiser (“Now do you really think our country is ready for a white First Lady?") the equivalent of Rush Limbaugh calling a Georgetown law student, who had testified on health insurance and contraception, a slut? Since Newt Gingrich said so: "If people on the left want to talk about radio talk show hosts, then everybody in the country ought to hold the president accountable when somebody at his event says something as utterly, totally unacceptable as Robert De Niro said last night.”

And how did the White House react? The Democrats are the midwives of political correctness; the White House agreed with Gingrich.

If we can’t make distinctions between silly jokes and offensive attacks, we will become a society without a sense of humor, a nation without nuance – which is two ways of saying the same thing.

Actually, leaving the ladies aside for the moment, I don’t think our country is ready for a white president . . . at least not:

  • One who whittles his core principles to fit his current audiences.
  • One who has affairs when his wives are sick and then says it’s OK because he has made peace with God? We all know it’s OK with Newt. Only Newt knows it’s also OK with God.

The sanctimony is pretty galling.

Rick Perry may be gone, but God, it seems, has settled into other candidates’ heads.

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