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Meet Your Lobbyist

The newest lobbyist on Capitol Hill is 55-year-old John Bowles, who registered last week on behalf of the American Nazi Party. The Nazis have never had a lobbyist before, and Bowles told ABC News he was going to “try out for the first time and see if it flies.”

And what will the Nazis lobby for? On his registration form Bowles cited “political rights and ballot access laws.” But not to worry, he told ABC, “I’m not going to go in and shove a swastika in their face.”

This is not Bowles’ first experience with national politics. In 2008 he ran for president as “The White People’s Candidate,” proclaiming that “White Americans need to start voting as a bloc . . . if they are to have an effective voice in government or America will turn into a third world country.”

Capitol Hill seems a good place to start, as white people have established something of a beachhead there – holding 96 of the 100 seats in the Senate and 83 percent of the House. As a bloc, these guys could really do something.

Laying aside such complicated constitutional issues as racial purity, tribal homelands and the Aryan Republic of Idaho, they could focus on more immediate matters they have in common. A universal health-care system, for example, modeled on the one they all enjoy at public expense. Or getting serious about the national debt, which they all insist they want to do.

Bowles has his work cut out for him, though, because thousands of other lobbyists are already working the halls to make sure these things don’t happen.

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