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Stumble of the Week

Breaking news: “I am pro-choice,” says Romney. Mitt Romney announced yesterday that it’s time for the federal government to be less involved in our personal lives. “As I said 10 years ago, ‘the choice to have an abortion is a deeply personal one. Women should be free to choose based on their own beliefs, not the government's.’ All the government adds is red tape.”

Pressed by reporters on his “evolving positions on abortion, guns and health care,” Romney said, “Heck, that Massachusetts gig is going over a lot better with voters these days than it did with Rick, Newt and Michelle. Talk about reaching across the aisle – 85% of the Massachusetts legislators I dealt with were Democrats! I barely knew half their names – I called the other 47% ‘fella.’ But we got Romneycare done . . . although I had to work like heck to push the personal mandate through. Thank goodness Teddy Kennedy helped me twist some arms. It was Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill all over again.”

Asked about the seeming discrepancies, Romney said, “What discrepancies? Completely different situations require completely different approaches. In 2002 I was running for governor of Massachusetts. Last fall I was seeking the Republican nomination. Now I want to be president. Totally different.”

Asked if he planned to release more tax returns, he replied, “Honestly, fellas, I’d like to. But I have said no, and I need to be consistent.”

Romney’s aides ended the interview when a reporter shouted out a question about Massachusetts’ assault weapons ban.


The Gentleman from Massachusetts