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The Road to Hell

This slightly abbreviated exchange between Senator Chris Murphy (D, CT) and a friend of mine underescores the banality of good intentions: Subject: Standing with Newtown

Dear Friend -

Something horrible and unexplainable happened in Newtown on Friday. I've been there almost non-stop since Friday morning, and there are simply no words to express the grief of our friends and neighbors.

Today, Newtown is grieving. But Newtown is recovering too. Every day I have witnessed hundreds of individual acts of humanity as the people of this small town reach out, with full hearts, to each other.

We have our role to play too. I know that those on the outside can feel a sense of helplessness, and many people ask me, "What can I do to help?"

Well, if you've been looking to do something to support the community, consensus is that a contribution to the United Way of Western Connecticut is the best way to help.

I just made my contribution, and if you are moved to join me you can do so here:


While Newtown grieves, the most important thing we can do for them today is to make sure they know Connecticut, and the rest of the country, supports them.


With all due respect, Senator, and thanking you for your presence in Newtown since the recent tragedy, the most important thing someone in your position can do for people in Connecticut, and Americans in general, is to fight for passage of meaningful legislation limiting access to firearms in this country. I hope you will be standing with Senator Feinstein in her efforts to reinstate a ban on assault weapons, which is at least a start! 


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