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May Day

Why is it that liberals always emphasize the “funds” in trust funds instead of the “trust?” On International Workers’ Day, in particular, lefties everywhere denounce the very people who had the brains to foresee an America imperiled by teachers’ unions, confiscatory taxation and Obamacare and took the steps necessary to protect their families and their capital. They set up generation-skipping trusts, invented “carried interest” to cut their tax bills in half, and sent their money to the Cayman Islands. I mean, who wouldn’t? Meanwhile, like the New Testament’s “wicked and slothful servant,” the millions of Americans who did not invest wisely find themselves “cast into outer darkness [amid] weeping and gnashing of teeth." As they sink deeper into debt, they naturally blame the prudent investors for causing the so-called “wealth gap,” which liberals see all around them: a widening chasm between whites and non-whites; a wealth differential in educational outcomes; a growing disparity between rich countries and poor ones. It's like teeing off on the responsible little pig who built his house of bricks and financed it with a mortgage he could afford.

This May Day, instead of the traditional jeremiads against the prosperous few, let’s give them their due. Who better to be trustees of an ever-growing percentage of the nation’s wealth than those wise enough to protect their own? As the Good Book says, “To everyone who has, more will be given, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”

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