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Tax Abuse

Never mind how, but a 2013 Membership Appeal of the Tea Party Patriots has found its way into my hands. The appeal asks for money and then outlines how it will use it:

  1. Keep Obama and the Liberal Democrats from bankrupting the country, shackling our liberties and turning America into a second-rate state.
  2. Keep John Boehner and the Republican leadership from betraying the party’s core principles.
  3. Get legislation that will reduce spending and the debt, unshackle free markets and preserve liberty.

To accomplish this the Patriots are launching:

  •  “A massive 2013 Congressional Accountability Project” to keep those folks in line.
  • “A state-by-state ground game” to develop coalitions and activate voters.
  • “A media Boot Camp” for party candidates and elected officials.
  • “The public advancement of serious legislation”.
  • “A nationwide TV and radio campaign”.

This is how democracy works: you advance your creepy program and I counter with mine. The problem with this letter is its stamp. It says “Nonprofit org”, which means it comes from one of those 501(c)(4) organizations that have gotten the IRS publicly toasted of late. Would you think the organization that sent this operates “exclusively for the promotion of social welfare”, as the law requires? Then why would an IRS employee? These Patriots are violating the spirit and the letter of the law, while taking advantage of the government they wish to dismantle.

PS The Patriots have launched a $500,000 campaign on Mark Levin’s radio show. If you've never listened to Mark, you should. He'll turn your stomach.

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