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Both Feet Out of the Grave

Last time, I wrote about the gloomy coincidence of humankind on the verge of discovering the origins of the universe as we race toward Armageddon, as if human existence were in the last act of a Greek morality play. And yet, our quest to unlock the secrets of life is not just the drive to break free of our mortality and become gods. It also manifests our craving to understand the essence of being human. As Satan recognized in the Garden, we have to know because, well, we just have to know. One theory that came out of the recent discoveries I wrote about is that the Big Bang obliterated everything that came before it; and it set in motion a cosmos that will continue to spin off new universes forever. I have no idea if this is true, but it offers us a new way of thinking about the world and our place in it. We’re the only species that strives to separate ourselves from the rest of creation and then subdue it, with the aim of controlling our future. But if these scientists are right, we aren't in control of this journey, and maybe we should rejoice in the gift of our moment here and simply live, doing less harm, seeking more harmony.

Scientists believe there is a yet-undiscovered “fifth force” that complements gravity. Some call it “antigravity.” I like to think of it as “levity.” In a world filled with gravitas, maybe we just need to lighten up.

Stranded Assets

Hubris and Hope