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L’Etat? C’etait Moi!

Or as Hillary might have put it: “What do you mean I had to have a government-issue email address like some common bureaucrat? I was State!” And so we learn that Hillary Clinton didn’t use her government email account during her entire tenure as secretary of state. This week her lawyers handed over 50,000 pages of her personal emails, generously suggesting, The New York Times reported, they were “motivated by efforts to update the department’s record management system.”

According to news reports, access to clintonemail.com – which was headquartered, not at Foggy Bottom, but in Chappaqua, NY – was a sought-after status symbol. One person who had such access was Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s long-time confidante and protégée. Abedin was a part-time advisor to the Secretary of State, while holding – but not necessarily reporting – three other paid consulting gigs: The Clinton Foundation; personal assistant to Hillary Clinton; and Teneo Holdings, a powerful “global advisory firm” with close ties to, um, the Clintons.

We are “not a lobbying firm,” Teneo explains on its website. “However, our experience helps us understand how decisions are made that affect our clients’ businesses. In the US, we use our deep relationships to provide strategic counsel and help clients navigate policy debates in Washington and state capitals as they look to find support, amplification and clarity around the issues that they care about.”

In other words, we’re a lobbying firm.

Ah, language: "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is.”

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