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Friday’s Quiz

1. Which of the following does not rank in the top five states for gun violence? (a) Louisiana  (b) Mississippi  (c) New York  (d) Alaska  (e) Alabama

2. Which college recently canceled a performance of “The Vagina Monologues”?

(a) University of Mississippi  (b) Dartmouth  (c) Oral Roberts  (d) Mount Holyoke  (e) Liberty University

3. Which state is not among the top five in single-parent families?

(a) New Jersey  (b) Mississippi  (c) Arkansas  (d) Louisiana  (e) Alabama

4. Who is the richest man in the world?

(a) Carlos Slim, Mexico  (b) Bill Gates, U.S.  (c) Vladimir Putin, Russia  (d) Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, Saudi Arabia  (e) Charles David Koch, U.S.


1. (c) New York is third from lowest (behind Massachusetts and Hawaii). Alaska, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi rank 1-4, Alaska’s death rate almost five times New York's. New York is the only one of the five to require a handgun permit. Suicides account for 60% of gun fatalities.

2. (d) Mount Holyoke, the 178-year-old women’s college, canceled the feminist play in January because of its “extremely narrow perspective on what it means to be a woman.”

3. (a) New Jersey has the fourth-lowest rate of single-parent families; Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama the four highest.

4. Trick question. Forbes lists Gates #1 ($79 billion), closely followed by Slim ($77 billion), who owns 40% of the wealth on the Mexico stock exchange. Prince Alwaleed, the world’s richest royal has a mere $30 billion. Adding fuel to the Democrats' obsession, the Koch Brothers combined worth of $85.8 billion outdoes all the others. Except, insists Bill Browder, for Vladimir Putin, who's worth $200 billion. Author of the chilling Red Notice and Russia’s largest single investor until his assets were stolen, his lawyer murdered and he was forced to leave, Browder ought to know.

Creepy thought: According to Forbes Putin is also the most powerful man in the world.

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