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Rescue at Sea: Postscript

Rescue at Sea: Postscript

Those of you who followed the saga of last summer’s “Rescue at Sea,” may be interested in the note I received from David, one of my shipmates:

“Ten days ago the Trustees of the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts voted to award its Bronze Medal to the Captain and Crew of Sparky and a Certificate and award of $1,000 to each of the five for their role in the rescue of the Captain and Crew of Restive on July 1, 2015.”

“Founded in 1785, the Humane Society was formed for the purpose of reducing the loss of human life from shipwrecks off the coast of Massachusetts. Its activity eventually led to the formation of the US Coast Guard, which in time took over all the activity of the Humane Society’s lifeboat crews.

“Today, the Society recognizes the saving of human lives not just at sea, but from accidents of all sorts.”

It’s a story of courage and kindness, friendship and competence.

By contrast, my daughter, Gayley, sent me a People magazine article, “These 71-Year-Olds Trying to Sail Across the Atlantic Have Been Rescued at Sea 9 Times in 7 Months – and They've Only Made It to England.”

“Most recently, the pair managed to accidentally set fire to the Nora in the tiny harbor of Hayle, Cornwall, when the yacht tipped over at low tide and a burning candle set their clothes alight.”

Presented to All Aboard S/V SPARKY

For the Rescue of All Aboard S/V RESTIVE
 July 1, 2015
185 NM East of Cape May, New Jersey
Rob McAlpine, Captain
Jack Duggan
Bob Kostyla
Nancy Skawinski
Eric Wassermann
Helping others in need with extraordinary seamanship, strength and skill,
careful preparation, selfless commitment, warmth, generosity and kindness
By the Trustees of The Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Crews: David Lawrence, Fred Dabney (The Cook); Jack Duggan; Rob McAlpine; George Denny; Nancy Skawinski (Nurse Nancy); Bob Kostyls (The Helmsman); Dave Warburton. Missing: Eric Wasserman; Jamie Your Scribe.

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