Mountaintop to Tap   

12 Kids, 3 Weeks, 200 Miles

Twelve students—half from an inner-city New York high school and half from a school in rural Delaware County—traced the course of New York City’s water supply from its source in a Catskill stream to its arrival in the city. This three-week trek, on foot and by boat, marked the 10th anniversary of the Memorandum of Agreement, an extraordinary agreement among stakeholders who live and work in the communities of this 2,000-square-mile watershed and the 8 million consumers of the water in metropolitan New York.

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Learn more about the trek and the Stroud Water Research Center.

America's River

On June 14, 2011, eight students from the Coatesville area high schools set off on a journey that took them down the Brandywine River from its headwaters in northern Chester County to its mouth in Wilmington. They hiked and canoed the length of the river, camped under the stars and lived simply on the land. The goal of the Brandywine Trek was to have the students understand the importance of the river to them, their community and all the other communities in the Brandywine Valley; to learn about the benefits it provides – drinking water and hydro power, food and fertile soil, transportation and recreation, and a landscape as beautiful as any in the world; and to become spokespersons for a river that sustains the lives of everyone who lives in its watershed.

Learn more about the trek and the Stroud Water Research Center.

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