Maybe it’s time to call in the Worm
Worm” – the nickname of retired Hall-of-Fame basketball player, Dennis Rodman, about whom I’ve written Dennis Rodman Kim and Donald Trump, whom he supported in 2016. Rodman was back in North Korea in June, presenting
Kim Phones Rodman, Changes Country’s Name
, he has invited Dennis Rodman, the NBA Hall-of-Famer who calls Kim “my friend for life,” back to Kim Phones Rodman, Changes Country’s Name
Sony Hires Dennis Rodman, Cancels ISIS Musical
Amid growing accusations that it had “caved to terror,” Sony has reportedly named Dennis Rodman . “Intrepid Dribbler” depicts the inspiring journey of the North Korean basketball team, led by Rodman and Sony Hires Dennis Rodman, Cancels ISIS Musical
The Christie Boys
tall one with the reality show wife, was part of Dennis Rodman’s team of basketball players celebrating as an act of petty vengeance. And what an image we get of North Korea, watching Dennis Rodman sing
Christmas Travels
Americans are afraid to come, despite Rodman’s insistence that “it’s all love here.” Here in Maine news, Denis Rodman is back in Pyongyang, organizing a basketball game between young North Koreans and
Odds and Ends
Cruz.” • Meanwhile, Dennis Rodman prepares to return to North Korea for his basketball game between Rodman, who wore a wedding dress to promote his autobiography, Bad As I Wanna Be, and tiny Kim, who rules brutal-dictator-cum-basketball-fanatic, Kim Jong Un, although Rodman is having trouble signing up
O Tempora! O Mores!
foreign dictator. Building on Denis Rodman’s bizarre February visit to North Korea, where the body
, indicating that, while Denis Rodman’s recent visit to the gulag state has done little for
Bully Boys
the eve of the Final Four, college basketball’s biggest weekend, nor that he has hired Denis Rodman
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